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The fluorescent mineral natural wonder Hull mine is a part of the Castle Dome charitable National Treasurenon-profit Castle Dome Museum.

The new Underground Mine Tour is open to the public to inspire educate and show the full potential and beauty of this one-of-a-kind National Treasure. The wall was recently discovered last January by friend of the museum Phil Smith whose dedication to discovery is second to none.

The Hull mine sits in unique geological location at the base of the volcanic core known as Castle Dome and offers the above-ground tour of silver mines of Arizonathe remnant Castle Dome City, including a visit to the miners supply, undertaker, broken blade saloon, milworks, the ore car tressel and old cookhouse.

The underground mining portion completes the historical picture of life underground at Castle Dome. This is such a unique awe inspiring must see bucket list tour with everything fluorescentthings to do in Yuma minerals can bring to you.

The phosphorescent characteristics are so great that people can't even believe that it's possible as we get tired of waiting after 10 to 15 minutes for the rocks to stop glowing with no light. Seeing is believing here. We look forward to presenting to you this breathtaking look of God's handiwork.

Arizona's natural wonder Arizona's Natural Wonder Fluorescent Mineral Wall
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