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Underground mine tours

We here at the Natural Wonder Fluorescent Wall strive to make this experience memorable. Safety concerns are and always must be followed to the letter. This tour is very safe as long as all repect the rules.

  1. Eye protection and hard hats will be worn at all times (We provide)
  2. No food, drink or smoking in the mine
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  4. No open Toed shoes
  5. Please no purses, backpacks or handbags
  6. No flash photography
  7. Children (age 10 and up) must be accompanied by an adult
  8. Please no samples, let others experience this Enchanted Cavern

Adults $30.00 Children 15 and under $20.00. Prices are subject to change at any time

What you will see

We start the at the portal of the Mine and there you're loaded into the Man Trap (Mine Transport Vehicle) as we journey down the grade about 600 ft into the solid rock mountain. You'll see the beautiful rock formation the crystal walls the Galena silver vein the old workings and be able to look up through the air shaft and see the speck of light coming down. Seeing where the miners took great treasures out of the earth, is truly amazing and the stuff they left behind is unchanged by time.

When we arrive at the fluorescent wall you will see rainbow colors every where you look as the most spectular formations open up for your viewing The treasure chest, the volcanic flow, the masterpiece, and the fire wall are a few of the brilliant featured fluorescent wonders that are well "awe inspiring"! Welcome on board.

Arizona's natural wonder Arizona's Natural Wonder Fluorescent Mineral Wall
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